UAVOS INC is a Silicon Valley based company offering proprietary unmanned aerial, terrestrial and aquatic vehicles solutions with applications in commercial, industrial and defense markets. We are specialized in design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and autopilot systems as well as individual components, including servo drives, pan-tilt platforms, parachute rescue/landing systems and other UAV accessories and components. Our solutions range from small industrial surveillance drones to large UAVs and atmospheric satellite systems.

UAVOS was founded in 2011 in Switzerland. In 2016, the company began its operations in the United States and is now headquartered in Redwood City, California.


Today UAVOS employs more than 60 people around the world, most of which are in the R&D and production department. Our team has extensive experience in computer science, avionics, mechanical and aircraft engineering.

We offer a wide range of services in our area of expertise (unmanned vehicles): production of complete vehicles equipped with our proprietary autopilot and rescue systems, manufacturing of individual components for UAV industry, conversion of traditional aircrafts into unmanned vehicles, integration, reengineering, support of customized projects.

Our specialists in automation, industrial design, electronics and software engineering are ready to satisfy the most demanding customer needs and requirements.


UAVOS is built on a philosophy of onward motion and robust solutions during the process of developing and creating innovative products in the field of robotics. There is ongoing work in the relevant areas for the industry: jam-resistant communication, on-board power engineering, automatic control algorithms, navigation and flight safety.

Apus – the unmanned aircraft on solar batteries – is one many advanced developments by UAVOS. The design of the atmospheric satellite and its control system allow to carry out flights with reduced power consumption in comparison with existing analogues, which expands the geographical area of flights and allows to carry out missions in the northern latitudes. The atmospheric satellite is intended for long-term monitoring at various latitudes around the globe, and can also serve as a telecommunication hub.

UAVOS is also open for cooperation in academic and training projects, testing and scientific works, R&D programs.