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AP10.2 - Automatic control system for UAV (Mini version)

Current hardware version:AP10.2 - 468339.102.00 Specification (PDF)
Autopilot software documentation


AP10.2 system purpose is to control moving objects automatically, semi-automatically or manually.
At the moment we have developed the system configurations for the following unnamed systems:

- airplanes for take-off from a hand and  landing with a parachute in automatic mode
- airplanes for take-off from the runway and landing on the runway in automatic mode
- helicopters for take-off and landing in automatic mode
- carriers lighter than the air

AP10.2 is being used for installation on aircrafts up to 50 kg (mini version), it has such benefits:
- reduced weight and dimensions (avionics - 220 g)
- reduced energy consumption
- IP rating IP67

Almost any payload type can be connected and controlled through the interfaces:
- 1-Wire
- RS-232
- RS-485

AP10.2 system configuration for helicopter:

Autopilot configuration example for helicopter UAV  

Basic modules of AP10.2 system

Central processing unit Pitot Tube mini
bcpm-cpum pitot
GPS unit Onboard telemetry unit Servo drive SD3
bcpm-cpum pitot pitot


Main functions of the AP10.2 (automatic control system of moving objects):

-automatic control of a moving object
- operating mechanisms control
- engine control
- semi-automatic control with automatic stabilization of a moving object
- manual control via the main 928MHz communication channel
- from ground control station
- control of a moving object in emergency mode
- payload control
- payload feedback
- rotating platforms control in gyro stabilization mode
- telemetrics receipt and transfer between control GCU and a moving object
- ground simulation mode – flight simulator
- operator training in flight simulator with a/c virtual model downloaded
- pre-flight a/c and flight assignment testing
- onboard power control
- power stabilization
- conversion
- distribution, including emergency power supply mode
- onboard power monitoring


CPUM interfaces:

  • 12x servo drivers (PWM outputs)
  • 12x RPM sensor inputs (hall effect sensor)
  • 1-Wire interface
  • TTL UART interface
  • RS-485 interface
  • Controller area network - CAN
  • RS-232 interface
  • 4x active-ground switched power output (4.7a, @ 27V, 68mOhm)
  • 12x digital inputs (timing, level)
  • 12x general purpose inputs-outputs (remappable on MCU)

Technical specifications:

Operating temperature IP rating Housing material Connector
-40°C to +60°C IP67 aluminum alloy MR1-50
Power supply Protection
5-27 V Gated logic on all digital IO pins ESD protection Power supply reverse-polarity protection


System Application Cases

UVH-29E Helicopter Aircraft

helicopter uvh29e



AP10.2 System package configuration:

# Description Designation Part number Weight, g
 1 Equipment for a carrier with MTOW less than 50 kg (Mini)
 1.1 Data Processing and Navigation Unit  DPNU  UV.468339.90.331-01  180
 1.2. GPS Data Processing Unit  GPS-DPU  UV.468339.90.331  80
 1.3 Pitot Tube Mini  PTM  UV.468339.90.345  50
 1.4 Data Processing Unit of Pitot Tube Mini  DPU-PTM  UV.468339.90.345.10  20
 1.5 GPS Receiver Mini
 GPSM  UV.431329.90.365  50
 All housings are hermetic.
 2 Auxiliary equipment for a carrier with MTOW more than 30 kg   
 2.1 Ultrasonic altimeter  UA  UV.431329.80.342  50
 3 Ground control unit   
 3.1 GCU  ground telemetry unit  GCU-GTU  UV.431329.90.211  110
 3.2 GCU  antenna  GCU-A  UV.431329.80.215  400
 3.3 Extended portable ground control station *  EPGCS  UV.468323.01  28000

*Attention: Exploitation of Uavos EPGCS is optional. Required software (GCU) can be installed on any computer under Linux OS control