Custom Landing/Emergency Rescue Systems for UAVs

Uavos offers customers an expert end-to-end service developing parachute rescue/landing systems for UAV and associated systems to any requirement. There are various additional options available, such as release lock that releases the parachute, cuts all or just few shroud lines.

Table of fall rate (m/s) parachutes based on the weights of the UAV and parachute used *

UAV weights, kg
2.5 4 7 15 25 45-50 75
2.2 m2 5
5 m2 4.5 5.5
8 m2 5
15 m2 5
35 m2 4.5 5.5

* Fall rate data is approximate. Actual values depends on several additional factors such as UAV's speed, UAV's configuration and ERS placement.

Feel free to contact our specialists with your questions and requests.

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