Emergency Rescue System ERS-07

ERS-07 - PN.7911.07 Specification (PDF)
3D Model (.STEP)

ERS-07 – Emergency Rescue (Landing) System for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) weighing up to 7 kg by UAVOS

ERS Description and performance capability

ERS-07 – Emergency Rescue (Landing) System for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) weighing up to 7 kg.

ERS provides (if the UAV gross mass does not exceed 7 kg):

  • Specified life – 50 applications at altitudes ranging from 20 to 3000 m at an indicated flight speed from 30 to 55 m/sec, including a single application at an aircraft nosedive with its possible partial destruction
  • Overloads resulting from the ERS deployment – not more than 10g
  • Minimum safe altitude of 20 m at a flight speed from 30 to 55 m/sec with descent time (at a fully filled canopy) – not less than 2 sec
  • Average vertical descent speed (on the main canopy), reduced to standard atmosphere and a total UAV in-flight weight of 7 kg, at the area of 30-35 m from the ground – no more than 5.5 m/sec
  • Low tendency of oscillation
  • Release lock that releases the parachute once the air vehicle has landed to minimize damage due to high wind
  • No effects of canopy collapse at the UAV descent
  • Quick and easy replacement of the ejection charge, canopy in the container or the entire ERS replacement for another one of the same type

Technical Specifications

Dimensions, mm Weight, g Operating temperature IP rating Connector type
Ø100/110 500 -40°C to +80°C IP64 Special connector

Ejection charge options:

  • Charge operate amperage – not less than 500 mA, operate voltage – not less than 5V
  • The possibility to unhook shrouds for suppressing the canopy on the ground (release lock is available separately) is provided

Parachute basic parameters

ERS-07 canopy of 5 m2 is made of PN9 fabric by Porcher industries, has a circular shape and it is secured by 12 shrouds of Dyneema material which are placed in cells in order to reduce overload while filling the canopy.

If this Emergency Rescue System doesn't meet your needs, we can offer custom UAV rescue/landing system development according to customer's requirements.