Pan-Tilt Platform PTP-02

PTP-02 - PN.467864.04 Specification (PDF)


PTP-02 Pan-Tilt Platform. PTP-02 is fully compatible with our GCS (Ground Control Station) of ACS (Automatic Control System of moving objects), it can be combined with other systems as well.
PTP-02 is a powerful manipulator working on very high accuracy and high angle speed drives with feedback coupling.
This device is designed for fast moving object tracking, long distance moving objects surveillance. PTP-02 can operate on moving objects. Device can handle equipment up to 30 kg.
PTP-02 can be upgraded with CCD cameras with large zoom lens, cooled thermographic cameras, laser telemeters, directional antenna and spotlight. There’s socket in upper body of device designed for PC-104 placement.
Device can be used as a turret in guidance system, when placed on moving objects .
PTP-02 has 12 digital channels /5А, 4 power supply channels /10А and 1 Ethernet channel (1000BaseT or 2 100BaseT).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions, mm Weight Operating temperature IP rating Connector type
205/405/570 16.3 kg -40°C to +60°C IP66 MIL-C-26482
Input Voltage Consumption Number of pins in the connector Fixing type
12 V / 24 V 250 W / 24 V 26 External bracket


Pan & Tilt Information

Azimuth Range: 360° continuous
Elevation Range: ±120°
Azimuth Velocity: 0.05 - 120°/sec
Elevation Velocity: 0.05 - 100°/sec
Accuracy: 1 mrad
Stress Load: max 30 kg


Interfaces & Features

PTP-02 interfaces:
- RS-485
- Ethernet
- 1-Wire

PTP-02 features:
- ESD protection
- Reverse polarity protection

System condition monitoring:
- Temperature of board’s power stage
- Amperage
- Voltage
- Absolute encoder data