Pan-Tilt Platform PTP-03 (Turret)

PTP-03 - PN.467864.06 Specification (PDF)


PTP-03 is a powerful backlash-free manipulator working on very high accuracy and high angle speed drives with feedback coupling.
This device is designed for fast moving object tracking, long distance moving objects surveillance. PTP-03 can operate on moving objects. Device can handle equipment up to 100 kg.
PTP-03 can be upgraded with CCD cameras with large zoom lens, cooled thermographic cameras, laser telemeters, directional antenna and spotlight.
Device can be used as a turret in guidance system, when placed on moving objects .
PTP-03 has 12 digital channels /5А, 4 power supply channels /10А and 2 Ethernet channels (1000BaseT or 100BaseT).
PTP-03 Pan-Tilt Platform. PTP-03 is fully compatible with our GCS (Ground Control Station) of ACS (Automatic Control System of moving objects), it can be combined with other systems as well.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions, mm Weight Operating temperature IP rating Connector type
340/740/715 - without GPS-antenna
39.5 kg -40°C to +60°C IP67 SNC28
Input Voltage Consumption Number of pins in the connector Fixing type
24 V 500 W / 24 V 26 External bracket


Pan & Tilt Information

Azimuth Range: 360° continuous
Elevation Range: up to 360°
Azimuth Velocity: 0.05 - 120°/sec
Elevation Velocity: 0.05 - 100°/sec
Accuracy: 0.35 mrad
Stress Load: max 100 kg


Interfaces & Features

PTP-03 interfaces:
- RS482
- RS485
- 2 x CAN
- 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000

PTP-03 features:
- ESD protection
- Reverse polarity protection

System condition monitoring:
- Temperature of board’s power stage
- Amperage
- Voltage
- Absolute encoder data