Servo Drive SD2

SD2 - PN.654116.20 Specification (PDF)

Servo Drive SD2 for UAVs weighing over 60 kg by UAVOS


SD2 Servo Drive (SD) is designed for:

  • UAVs with takeoff weight over 60 kg
  • Conversion of manned aircraft into UAV
  • Equipping of manned aircrafts with automatic piloting system (APS)
  • Power movement of UAV control surfaces and elements


Servo drive condition monitoring:

  • Temperature of the board power stage
  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • Data from the absolute encoder

Technical Specifications

Dimensions, mm Weight, kg Operating temperature IP rating Connector type
156/88/36 0.57 -40°C to +100°C IP 66 RS4ATV
Power supply Number of pins in the connector Fixing type
12 V / 24 V 10 bracket with dampers

SD2 interfaces:
- RS-485

SD2 features:
- ESD protection
- Reverse polarity protection

When installed on the aircraft as part of onboard equipment at manned missions:

  • Stall unit as part of the drive is not provided
  • Current limitation is envisaged in the drive to allow it’s overpowering
Servo drive SD2 modifications drawing by UAVOS
PN.654116.2* servo drive modifications drawing


Model number: PN.654116.26 PN.654116.27 PN.654116.28
Reduction: 43:1 86:1 159:1
Torque, N·m (nominal): 1.29 2.58 2.70
Speed at rated load, rpm: 102 51 38.4