UAV Development Kit

AP9.0DK Specification (PDF)

Why Developer Kit by UAVOS?

  • Small equipment weight
  • Free of charge ground station soft
  • Kit including full complete demo UAV (motor glider)
  • OS Linux on board (optional)
  • HIL/SIL simulation (X-Plane flight simulator:


airplane hand-launched Heli

AP9.0DK system is designed to control moving objects automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Its components can be installed at ultralightweight carriers, as well as used for education projects. At the moment we have developed the system configurations for the following unnamed systems:

  • airplanes for takeoff from a hand and landing with a parachute in automatic mode
  • airplanes for takeoff from the runway and landing on the runway in automatic mode
  • helicopters for takeoff and landing in automatic mode
  • carriers lighter than air

Almost any payload type can be connected and controlled through the interfaces:

  • 1-Wire
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • CAN

AP9.0DK is applied for installation on:

  • aerial vehicles of any type - development kit
  • minimum weight and dimensions
  • minimum power consumption

Main functions of the AP9.0 (automatic control system of moving objects):

– automatic control of a moving object
– operating mechanisms control
– engine control
– semi-automatic control with automatic stabilization of a moving object
– manual control via the main 900MHz communication channel
– from ground control station
– from the pilot RC console via RM, 2,4d/Hz channel
– control of a moving object in emergency mode
– payload control
– payload feedback
– rotating platforms control in gyro stabilization mode under AP-9 control
– telemetrics receipt and transfer between control GCU and a moving object
– ground simulation mode – a trainer
– operator training in flight simulator with a/c virtual model downloaded
– pre-flight a/c and flight assignment testing
– onboard power control
– power stabilization
– conversion
– distribution, including emergency power supply mode
– onboard power monitoring

KIT components' specification

APBOX is a heart of the system. It integrates an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a magnetic compass, a high-performance onboard computer and some additional microcontrollers. The integrated Bluetooth module allows to arrange short-range communication with the device for diagnostic through Secure Socket Shell (SSH) access. Antivibration protection is implemented via mathematic filters inside the housing. The Open Source Linux Operating System, running on high performance OMAP processor (up to 1200 Dhrystone MIPS), gives the major advantage to use the AP9 system for educational and R & D purposes, allowing to write user's own code which uses all sensors connected to the system, and to control almost every type of unmanned vehicle (VTOL-UAV, USV, UGV, etc.). APBOX is completed with a housing IP-67 and military connectors. APBOX can control rotating platform in the gyrostabilization mode.

CAS integral unit combines Pitot tube and ADC processing unit. The unit includes the automatic heating system in ADC-PT configuration. CAS unit generates the airspeed, vertical speed and pressure altitude data on airplanes, helicopters, etc.

GPSRB has an integrated digital magnetometer as a back-up device for the main CPUB magnetometer. The back-up device can be used instead of the one, installed in CPUB, when CPUB has electromagnetic interference nearby. The board is not completed with a housing and connectors.

Modem is installed in the autopilot and GCU (Ground Control Unit). It provides data transmission between GCU and a carrier. Supports 230.4 kbps wireless link rates. The onboard and ground modems make data self-arbitrating. The board is not completed with a housing and connectors.

The weather resistant MB7068 XL-Max Sonar-WRC is a rugged ultrasonic sensor component module. This outdoor sensor provides very short to long distance detection and ranging in a compact, robust PVC housing. The ultrasonic sensor meets the IP67 water intrusion standard.

Four Press & Pull Latches. Two Double-layered, Soft-grip Handles. In-line Wheels. Vortex® Valve. Powerful Hinges. Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin. Watertight.

The Ranger EX is a airplane is specially designed for Long Range FPV and quick and very easy trouble free Setup of this great big Bird. FPV Ranger EX offers few greater qualities that every FPV pilot looks forward to have in his / her RC FPV Plane.

  • It has bigger tougher PVC Fuselage that makes this plane a crash resistant plane, Tons of open space to let bigger hands do their job inside the fuselage when it comes to mount the electronics inside and also this big place makes it possible for one to mount more gear inside and keep things neat.
  • Ability to carry more payload means one can mount higher mAh batteries to get ultra long flight times needed for those long range FPV flights you are going to do
  • Tall Landing gear and dragger wheel means you can now safely take off and land from ground. No need to hand launch a big heavy plane with all the gears and dangerous and sharp propeller spinning at the back
  • Easy mounting of Various Brushless gimbals for GoPro 3 under the nose, now you can take ultimate stable flight videos of your long range flights
  • Super easy few step setup and glue free assemble.
  • Two pieces to carry only, Fuselage and Wings detach quick and easy for easy transportation and storage. Quick attachment on field for flight
  • And not to forget the super awesome and powerful flight performance with long flight endurance this plane offers

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A high performance charger, discharger and balancer that features 10 to 18V DC or 100 - 240V mains AC inputs and an impressive output of up to 6.0 Amps. With a maximum 50W charge power, it is suitable for Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Lead Acid batteries, together with the full range of Li-Po, Li-Fe and Li-Ion batteries.

MINI CAMERA + video modem

  • 3.6mm Lens (690TVL Ultra WDR Pixim SEAWOLF HD CCTV Mini Camera 3.6mm Lens)
  • PS series Ultra WDR cameras are new, CCTV cameras which adopt Pixim's innovative SEAWOLF image sensor chip based on Digital Pixel System technology. The resolution is up to 690TVL and the industry-leading wide dynamic range is up to 120dB.

Zippy Flightmax batteries. Capacity: 8000mAh, Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1v, Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst

What's included

Ranger EX. Long range FPV /sUAS platform Unibody big weight carrier (757-3).

Ranger EX

APBOX, MODEM and GPS are banded by  one  aluminum frame that provides the convenience of the equipment integration into the carrier. APBOX is completed with a housing IP-67 and military connectors


ADC-PTM is designed to provide the convenience of its integration into the carrier. All the parts are made of aluminum. 


The weather resistant MB7068 XL-Max Sonar-WRC is a rugged ultrasonic sensor component module.


All the equipment is packed in the hermetical case for easy transportation.


The delivery set includes the charger for accumulator battery. 


The color camera is integrated into the carrier.


The delivery set includes two batteries. Capacity: 8000mAh, Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1v