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Unmanned aerial complex SURVEYOR-H with UVH-150E helicopter

  Specification (PDF)

The complex consists of:

  • «UVH-150E» drone
  • Mobile command-and-transport module of the unmanned aerial system «SURVEYOR-H»
  • System software
  • Flight control software
  • Ground station software
  • Virtual flight simulator

The system is provided with:

  • Service
  • Training
  • Documentation



The UVH-150E UAV is a high-speed compact helicopter with extended flight time powered by the gasoline engine.
Takeoff, en-route flight and landing of the drone are automatic. After uploading the flight mission the operator permits the takeoff, subsequent flight procedures are performed automatically.
The diagnostics, flight mission planning and remote control can be performed through the wireless network connection.

  • Cameras of different types
  • B/W Spotter
  • Sensors
  • Designators
  • Lidars
  • Transmitters
  • Retransmitters
  • Signal Jammers
  • etc.


The carrier UVH-150E is used for:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Payload (max. 5 kg) delivery and autonomous transporting
  • Signal jamming
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • Target pointing and designation
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology etc.)
  • Monitoring the Earth’s surface.


The drone UVH-150E is to be operated under the following conditions:

Operating temperature range: -35°C to +50°C
Basing: Takeoff and landing in less than 5x5 m area
Control modes:
1. basic
2. auxiliary
3. standby
4. emergency situations

Fully automatic
Manual (RC)
Takeoff and landing: Fully automatic
Emergency landing: Parachute
Ground landing means: Not required
Engine start: Electric starter
Storage: 1. Helicopter in case - 38 kg
2. Portable GCS (PGCS) in case - 24 kg.
3. GOS-100 – 1.3 kg X2


UVH-150E specifications

Maximum cruising speed: 100 km/h
Maximum speed: 120 km/h
Main rotor diameter: 2500 mm
Length: 2230 mm
Height: 660 mm
Wheelbase: 630 mm
Engine type: four-stroke
Engine capacity: 9.5 kW
Fuel tank volume: 8 l
Payload with full fuel tank: 1 kg
Maximum payload: 5 kg
Max takeoff weight: 28 kg
Maximum rate of climb: 5 m/s
Max wind speed while taking off or landing: 14 m/s (27kts)
Range of operation: 500 km
Practical ceiling: 2100 m
Flight time: up to 5 hrs
Parachute: ballistic
Onboard power supply: 12 V
Altimeter: laser
TBI (inspections, maintenance): 200 hr


Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS)

Command module of unmanned aerial complex SURVEYOR-H is designed to carry:

  • Equipment for communication and control
  • Unmanned aerial system operator and payload operator
  • Equipment for technical support of unmanned aerial system
  • Omnidirectional antenna for telemetry and control
  • Omnidirectional antenna for video and data
  • Iridium satelite modem

Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS) Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS)


Operating temperature range: -40°C to +60°С
Dimensions: Length 762 mm, width 344 mm, height 128 mm
Battery life of the PGCS: 5 Hours


The software and automatic control system of unmanned aerial complex UVH-150E

automatic control system of unmanned aerial complex UVH-150E

Main functions of the AP10.0 (Computer system of automatic vehicle control):

  • automatic control of a moving object
  • operating mechanisms control
  • engine control
  • semi-automatic control with automatic stabilization of a moving object
  • control of a moving object in emergency mode
  • payload control
  • payload feedback
  • rotating platforms control in gyro stabilization mode under AP10 control
  • telemetric receipt and transfer between control GCU and a moving object
  • simulation mode
  • operator training in flight simulator with a/c virtual model downloaded
  • pre-flight a/c and flight assignment testing
  • onboard power control
  • power stabilization
  • conversion
  • distribution, including emergency power supply mode
  • onboard power monitoring



Option 1

Gyrostabilized two-axis gimbal for day camera surveillance Features:
Weight - 1.1kg
Body - aluminum
Drying cartridge
Direct drive
Absolute encoder
Three axis rotation - 360º+

Anti-vibration frame:
Parameter Value
Video camera SONY FCB-EV7500
Video standard Color (PAL)
Operational spectral range 0,4…0,8 mkm
Max view angle 50º
Rotation angle roll 360º+
pitch 360º+
Resolution 1280х720
Optical magnification 30
Optical zoom 10
Digital zoom 12
Effective elements 2.38 МPix
Resolution 1280х720
Focus auto
Horizontal resolution 1952
Lens F 4.3 mm 129 mm
Minimum light intensity, lx 1.4 LX (F1.6, ICR)
Environment temperature range -30 … +50°С
Altitude range, m -200 … +8000

Option 2

Gyrostabilized two-axis gimbal for thermal camera surveillance Features:
Weight - 0.68kg
Body - aluminum
Drying cartridge
Direct drive
Absolute encoder
Three axis rotation - 360º+

Anti-vibration frame:
Parameter Value
Thermal Imager MINIR
Imaging format, analogue output PAL, NTSC
Operational spectral range 0.4…0.8 mkm
Max view angle 24.6º
Rotation angle roll 360º+
pitch 360º+
Operational spectral range 8…12 mkm
Pixel size 17 mkm
Operating temperatures range   -40ºС…+60 ºС
Matrix resolution 640х480
Temperature sensitivity threshold <0.05º
Frame rate 25/30Hz



OS – Operating system – AP10:
The software is developed by UAVOS (AP10 documentation wiki)

Loading of maps:

  • Google Maps (demo version with no limitations) - by default. Purchased license is required for commercial version.
  • Loading of maps with reference to the coordinates is possible.

Appearance and software functions of the Ground Control Unit:

  • Fragment of flight mission input



Telemetry analysis section



  • Instant ground and in-flight control of all the UAV’s parameters
  • Real-time telemetry feed to the Ground Control Unit
  • Data packet transfer when communication is reestablished
  • Data recording on autopilot flash memory
  • Easy telemetry analysis
  • Flight overview at the simulator for the visualization of the A/C behavior in-flight


The complex’s maintenance can be performed both at the Customer’s and the Supplier’s premises.
Software control and testing of all systems can be done remotely via the Internet.
Software updates are downloaded automatically as soon as the system is connected to the Internet, if the option is enabled.


The training of Customer’s personnel includes the following courses:

  • Drone operation
  • Payload operation
  • Drone engineering

Virtual simulator

The system comes complete with a virtual simulator. The simulator allows training of specialists, high-skill maintenance, and flight mode drills in various weather conditions. Besides, the simulator allows to check the conditions of the A/C control system followed by the A/C actuators testing.


The system includes the following set of documentation:

  • The complete set of documents on UAV operation and servicing
  • The automatic control systems manual