Equipped with an electric engine unit.
The unmanned helicopter has increased performance with carrying capacity, flying range, and extended temperature range



The UVH-EL is an industrial grade helicopter with an electric motor and Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.
Take-off and landing as well as mission are carried out automatically.
Optional semi-automatic control.
Emergency operation modes.
Diagnostics, flight planning and remote control can be performed via a wireless network connection.
Proprietary Autopilot.


  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Payload delivery (max. 5kg)
  • Frequency Jamming
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • Target designation
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology, earth monitoring, etc.)


Parameters Data
Temperature range -20°C…+40°C
Base Takeoff and landing area 10m*10m
Control modes
  • Main
  • Assisted
  • Emergency situations
Fully automatic
Takeoff and landing Fully automatic
Emergency landing Parachute
Ground - based landing equipment Not required
Storage 1. Heli in box -42 kg (Packing dimensions - 1300x650x800)
2. Portable GCS (PGCS)- 32 kg
3. Payload box - GSG-185 – 8.5kg (350x350x350)


Parameters Data
Cruising speed 60 km/h
Maximum speed 120 km/h
Length 2230 mm
Main rotor diameter 2500 mm
Height 660 mm
Wheelbase 630 mm
Engine type BLDC Electric
Engine capacity 5 kW
Battery type Li-Ion
Onboard power supply 12V
Max. payload 5 kg
MTOW 25 kg (30 kg - optional)
Max. climb rate 5 m/s
Max. wind speed at taking off and landing 14 m/s (27kts)
Range of operation 150 km
Practical ceiling 3500 m
Endurance 1.5 h
Parachute (optional) ballistic
TBI (inspections, maintenance) 250 h
Altimeter laser



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