UAVOS Inc. has improved the algorithms of GPS spoofing identification while jamming with the most advanced EW systems. During the test flights under conditions of electronic attacks UAVs equipped with an automatic control system manufactured by UAVOS steadily resisted attempts to interfere with the operation of the on-board GPS autopilot.

Newly updated technical solutions for electronic protection equipment and automated control system by UAVOS provide effective countermeasures against latest GPS spoofing, not giving the enemy a chance to reroute an unmanned aerial vehicle or to destabilize the operation of its on-board navigation system.

According to Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and Board member, under conditions of radioelectronic influences the UAVOS system of countermeasures against GPS and other GNSS signals spoofing attacks allows to timely disable the GPS navigation and switch to an autonomous flight with an onboard integrated inertial navigation system - system specifically designed to determine with high accuracy the location of its carrier, and having complex processing and information output of navigation in the absence of terrestrial, marine or space signals.

The advanced UAVOS countermeasure system against GPS spoofing attacks ensures the protection of unmanned aircraft, increases the survivability and efficiency of the drone. An UAV equipped with a complex of countermeasures against electronic warfare systems allows such unmanned vehicle to return to the base and to carry out its mission with navigation error of 1.2–2.5 miles (2-4 km) per flight hour.

“The GPS spoofing attack countermeasure system is the result of many years of systematic work by UAVOS in the field of EW countermeasures,” says Vadim Tarasov. “Test flights of our unmanned vehicles showed the effectiveness of the mission accomplishment in conditions of a complex interference, and the invulnerability of unmanned vehicles to the latest generation EW systems.”