UAVOS Inc., American developer of unmanned aerial systems and robotics, launches several projects for the industrial use of drones in Eastern Europe. This is a long-term initiative by UAVOS to replace traditional methods of inspection in the oil, gas and energy sectors with robotic technologies.

The main goal of the project is to increase the safety of inspection activities by introducing unmanned technologies, as well as to reduce the budget that is usually spent by oil, gas and energy companies for monitoring the use of ground vehicles, manpower, and manned equipment. “According to our clients, monitoring with the use of UAVs allows them to save about 50% of the budget. This is made possible due to a significant reduction in operating costs, and reducing downtime,” says Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and Board member.

These projects will involve unmanned aerial systems developed by UAVOS. First projects to monitor power transmission lines and equipment for oil and gas companies were launched in Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, and Kazakhstan.

Vadim Tarasov:
“According to our estimates, the European market of unmanned technologies is relatively free and open to helicopter-type UAVs with a payload of up to 11 lbs (5 kg), and capable of carrying professional cartographic and research equipment ( We are entering the countries of Eastern Europe with complete solutions specifically targeting this niche and are now starting operations in other commercial areas, such as insurance, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, and security.”