PTP 03

Pan-Tilt Platform (Turret)


Turret PTP 03 is a powerful manipulator based on high-precision backlash-free high-speed drives with feedback. The device is designed for fast moving object tracking, long distance moving objects surveillance. The device is able to manipulate the large mass equipment. On the turret PTP 03 can be installed CCD cameras with large zoom, thermal imagers, laser range finders, directional antennas, searchlights. The device can be used on mobile objects as a turret in guidance systems.


Overall dimensions
L/W/H, mm
Weight, kg Working t, °C IP rating Connector
340/740/715 - option without a GPS antenna
39 -40...60 IP67 Amphenol

Rotation Range Angular velocity
Azimuth 360°, constantly Azimuth 0.01 - 90°/sec
Elevation Up to 360°, depending on payload Elevation 0.01 - 90°/sec

Load Maximum torque Starting torque Accuracy
up to 100 kg 92 N*m 49 N*m 0.05 Mrad

Power supply, V Consumption Consumption current of the payload Load mount type
24 500 W/ 24 V rated
750 W/ 24 V max.
15 A max. On external brackets

PTP-03 Interfaces:
— RS-485
— RS-422
— 2 x CAN
— Ethernet 10/100/1000

The turret can be equipped with GPS/GLONASS module.

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