UAVOS's Autopilot Allows To Fly Without GPS And GNSS And Communication

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS Lead developer.

The system of counteraction to GNSS spoofing attack is the result of many years of consistent work by UAVOS in the area of counter-EW.

The algorithms of radio electronic protection and automated control system by UAVOS provide effective counteraction to the most modern radio electronic interventions, depriving the enemy of the opportunity to take away from the route an unmanned aerial vehicle or to destabilize the operation of the on-board navigation system.

How does the system of counteraction to GNSS spoofing attack work?

In the conditions of radio electronic influences, the system of counteraction to GPS spoofing attacks enables timely disabling of GPS navigation and switching to an autonomous flight using onboard integrated inertial navigation system that is designed to determine with high accuracy the location of its carrier, complex processing and delivery of navigational information in the absence of terrestrial, nautical or satellite signals. UAV equipped with a complex of countermeasures to electronic warfare systems allows an unmanned vehicle to return to the base and carry out a mission with navigation error of 2-4 km per flight hour.

1. Allows to remotely control Unmanned systems from several command posts - via commercial communication lines or satellite Internet.
2. Allows the retransmission of data in a group of unmanned platforms, which ensures reliability, communication range, enabling unmanned vehicles to interact in a group.
3. Allows to increase the formation without changing the basic configuration of the system.
4. This approach to the organization of an unmanned formation allows to reduce the costs of personnel training, to coordinate the work of all operators of Unmanned Systems online, to use data from the payload of all users authorized in the system.
5. The interface of the Ground Control Station (GCS) allows control of any type of unmanned platforms/systems. GCS interface is unified for all types of unmanned platforms, retraining for a new type takes a very short time, and a virtual simulator integrated into the ground control station makes it possible to perfect the skills of performing missions both within the educational process, as well as to upgrade skills without using a real Unmanned System.


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