Managed Services

We provide services in engineering, design, customization, system integration, training, and operational support for platforms equipped with our autopilot as with third-party autopilots.


  • Unmanned and automated systems
  • Autopilots
  • Optimization and customization of existing systems
  • Electronic engineering and integration


  • Unmanned systems of different types, sizes and configurations
  • Emergency landing systems for UAVs
  • Components and accessories for UAS
  • Custom prototypes
  • Ground control stations (from laptop sizes up to autonomous container-based GCS)
  • Pan-Tilt platforms


Maintenance services can be provided both at our location or at the customer’s. The control of the software and testing of all systems can be accomplished remotely via our Cloud servers. Software updates are downloaded automatically from the Cloud, making the end-user experience hassle-free.


UAVOS provides turn-key solutions in operational support: we review the goals to be achieved and advise our customers on how to implement their operational strategy from A to Z. We also provide full training solutions both theoretical and practical.


Our training courses include the following:
  • UAV operator
  • Payload operator
  • UAV engineer

Virtual simulator

Our Virtual Simulator is used to train specialists, bring maintenance staff up-to-speed with our latest updates and train operators to fly in different modes and weather conditions. The Virtual Simulator also allows to check the condition of the control systems and to test the actuators.


The system includes the following set of documentation:

  • Drone operations and servicing;
  • Autopilot Manual.

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