DSEI Exhibition

Value of the UAVOS autopilot is the ability to integrate the system into unmanned platforms weighing from 5 to 1500 kg for various purposes - both air and ground/water based. The uniqueness of UAVOS autopilot is a distributed architecture that allows to carry out UAV formations as well as flights without GPS and communications.

From September 10 to 13, at the Exel Centre in London, UK, UAVOS will display a wide range of innovative products at UK’s premier global defense and security trade show – DSEI 2019.

UAVOS will showcase its UAV portfolio which is ideally suited to support customers in civil and security areas dealing with Search & Rescue missions.

The first show of the rotary-wing UAV equipped with state-of-the-art technologies will take place at the UAVOS booth. New ISR-350-5 is a light, single-engine, gasoline-powered helicopter. With fuel consumption of 2 liters per hour, the UAV is expected to stay airborne for up to 6 hours. The payload of up to 5 kg is intended for survey instruments and a radar.

UVH-EL is an electric-powered helicopter, light and mobile enough to be transported. This unmanned helicopter is designed to provide surveillance in harsh environment as well as to operate successfully in locations without secure runway availability.

UVH-170E – the industrial grade helicopter with a four-stroke injector gasoline engine equipped with a generator-starter. Take-off, landing and mission execution are carried out automatically. The UVH-170E is designed for operation in a hot and moist tropical climate and has improved engine cooling.

UAVOS will also demonstrate advanced Fixed Wing UAV Borey-20. Modernized version of Borey-20 has got an increased flight duration from 4 to 6 hours, and payload weighting from 2 to 4 kg. This modification of Borey-20 is also designed to install gas analyzers for finding leaks of methane on the ground.

These advanced UAVs are powered by UAVOS’s Autopilot . The uniqueness of UAVOS autopilot is a distributed architecture that allows to carry out UAV formations as well as flights without GPS and communications.

UAVOS will introduce a wide range of the cutting-edge components contributing to the development of the unmanned systems industry by providing the best of solutions and technologies. The Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS) is based on a console with controls and a docking interface for a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop computer. All main UAV and payload controls are collected on the ergonomic control panel. Console joysticks, push-buttons and switches are industrial water-proofed units. Console housing is made of aluminum alloy.

“UAVOS Inc. will be an exhibitor at DSEI 2019, with a major presence covering its wide product portfolio of UAVs, that will be essential for security missions and First Responders. Moreover, a number of our products will be shown for the first time. We are excited to introduce our advanced technologies as well as our core products designed to protect safety and security,” - says Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS Chairman of the board and Lead developer.

28 August 2019