We provide a wide range of environmental data that is extremely useful in project development using UAS Technology. We can provide terrain mapping and bio-mass analysis to help minimize impact on wildlife, wetlands and tree stands.
UAVs offer eco-friendly data collection with accurate and usable information over large areas of land for a fraction of what it used to cost.

  • Detection of the heavy metals in the soil to assess tailing pond breaches and dam failures
  • Detection of the different types of pollution
  • Providing visual assessment of destroyed lands and use NIR (near-infrared) to analyse damaged crops
  • Providing detailed elevation reports with ±5cm vertical accuracy
  • Monitoring the bio-mass of large expanses of forest to assess tree health to quickly detect and contain disease or infestations
  • Bio-mass assessment can delineate and assess the health of riparian zones, wetlands and more to assist in conservation.
  • We provide several tools to assist in forest management: forest stand analysis, forest supply analysis as well as logging and replanting monitoring.