AP 10.3

Automatic Control System for UAV less then 15 kg


The AP 10.3 system is designed to control a surface, ground or airborne platform automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

The system is configurable for the following platforms:
  • Fixed-wing aircraft
  • Rotary-wing aircraft
The AP 10.3 is designed to be installed into unmanned vehicles with a weight less than 15 kg (Micro version). It has the following advantages:
  • reduced form factors (avionics weight less then 130 g)
  • reduced energy consumption
Most payload can be interfaced through:
  • 1-Wire
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • CAN

Key features

  • Very small size and lightweight
  • ESD protection
  • Leading edge components and technologies
  • Dead-reckoning, flight and navigation without GPS
  • Automatic take-off and automatic landing
  • Operating/flight mechanisms controls
  • Engine/power plant control
  • Semi-automatic control with automatic stabilization
  • Manual control over 928MHz from ground control station
  • Emergency mode
  • Payload control
  • Payload feedback
  • Telemetry 10Hz with compressed stream, 100km LOS
  • Ground simulation mode – flight simulator
  • Operator training on flight simulator
  • Pre-flight and flight assignment testing


Operating temperature IP rating Housing material Connector
-40°C to +60°C IP67 Aluminum alloy Harwin M300-3240696M1
Harwin M80-9420605
Power supply Protection
7-27 V Gated logic on all digital IO pins ESD protection Power supply reverse-polarity protection


Application cases


Fixed Wing aircraft

AP 10.3 system configuration for Fixed Wing UAV:

Basic modules of AP 10.3 system:

Navigation Unit Onboard Telemetry Unit Micro
bcpm-cpum pitot
GPS Unit Mini Data Processing Unit of Pitot Tube Micro
bcpm-cpum pitot


AP10.3 KIT

# Item Designation Part number Weight, g
 1 AP 10.3 Kit
 1.1 Navigation Unit  NU  UV01.468339.103.333  30
 1.2 Pitot Tube Micro  PTMicro  UV01.468339.103.346  10
 1.3 Data Processing Unit Of Pitot Tube Micro  DPU-PTM  UV01.431329.103.320  18
 1.4 GPS Receiver Mini  GPSM  UV01.431329.102.365  49
 1.5 Onboard telemetry unit micro  OTUMicro  UV01.468339.103.334  60
 All housings are hermetic.
 2 Ground control unit   
 2.1 GCU  ground telemetry unit  GCU-GTU  UV01.431329.100.211  110
 2.2 GCU  antenna  GCU-A  UV01.431329.80.215  400
 2.3 Portable ground control station *  PGCS  UV01.468323.01  19500

* Exploitation of Uavos PGCS is optional. Required software (GCU) can be installed on any computer under Linux OS control

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