ARM Antenna Tracking System (ATS) allows to use directional antennas with higher gain comparing to omni-directional ones. Directional antennas with high gain are useful to maintain long range radio links to mobile oobjects. With rugged design for harsh environment operation UAVOS ATS provides accurate antenna tracking to support High-Capacity-Line-Of- Sight (HCLOS) radio links for a variety of airborne, ground and maritime applications that could not be created with tactical HCLOS devices.

High throughput, long-range HCLOS data communications

The UAVOS ATS works with the UAVOS (MHX and pMDDLRadio) radio transceivers to support real - time aerial data links for the reconnaissance missions and high-bandwidth demand of GCU-to-UAS operations. The system provides continuous data communication about the signal strength and GPS location information for real-time alignment of antenna direction with LOS.


- Rugged to operate in the harsh environments

- Supports mobile High-Capacity-Line-Of-Sight (HCLOS) radio links to marine, aerial and terrestrial mobile objects

- Reliable direction tracking to maintain the highest signal strength

Interfaces: 10/100BaseT, CAN, RS232, RS422

Antenna mounting height: 5.3 m

Azimuth plane:

rotation range: 360°

maximum torque: 11.6 N*m

maximum angular velocity: 52 rpm

Elevation plane:

rotation range: from +110° to -15°

maximum torque: 1.5 N*m

maximum angular velocity: 12 rpm


Supply voltage: 12 V - 30 V
Max. power consumption: 150 W at 24 V
Weight: 14 kg
Operating temperature range: -40 … +50°С
Protection: IP65