With a payload weight of 441 lbs (200 kg)
it can fly for 5 hours


The reinforced fuselage and the gear of the Albatross 2.2 are engineered to endure multiple cycles daily, and severe accelerations.
The Albatross 2.2 is a converted Pipistrel Sinus motorglider.
Takeoff and landing as well as operations are fully automatic: all the operator has to do is press the take-off button.
Diagnostics, flight planning and remote control can be performed via a wireless network connection.
Proprietary Autopilot.


  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Target drone jettison up to 280 kg (617lbs)
  • Payload delivery
  • Radio link range extension
  • Target designation
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology, earth monitoring, etc.)


Parameters Data
Temperature range -40°C…+50°C (-40 ...122F)
Base Paved runway
Runway length, not less than 850 m (touchdown accuracy - 250 m)
Runway width, not less than 25m (touchdown accuracy - 10 m)
Takeoff and landing on runway Fully automatic
Ground - based landing equipment Not required



Parameters Data
Wingspan 15 m (49.2 ft)
Length 6.6 m (21.65 ft)
Height 1.7 m (5.57 ft)
Wing area 12.26 m2 (132 ft2)
Gliding ratio 18.3
Empty weight 370 kg (815 lbs)
MTOW 850 kg (1873 lbs)
Fuel capacity 350 l (92 gal)
Max payload 280 kg (617 lbs)
Parachute Ballistic



Parameters Data
Cruising speed (75% power) 200 km/h (124 mi/h)
Range distance 5400 km (3355 mi) with 30 min reserves
Endurance (std tanks) 28 hours
Service ceiling 8,000 m (26246 ft)
Max load factor permitted (x 1.8) +4 g - 2 g
Fuel consum. at cruis. speed 12.4 l/hour (3.35 gl/h)
Engine ROTAX 912IS
Generator 3kW - 12V


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