Control of roll, pitch, v-shape and slip occurs
due to a controlled change in the angle of attack
in particular sections of the wings


The APUS DUO 15 carrier is used for:
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Drone communications system
  • Broadband coverage
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology, earth monitoring, etc.)


Our innovative autopilot solution controls the flexible wing by analyzing the extended aspect ratio of the wing’s deformation and adjusting the lift punctually.

This type of control allows for an equal distribution of the structural load all over the wing and reduces the weight by effectively controlling the aircraft in all flight modes.


For extensive real-time monitoring of the Earth's surface and obtaining of valuable information which can later be used by military or non-military personnel.


Parameters Data
Wingspan 15 m (49.2 ft)
Temperature range -65°C…+55°C
Base Paved runway
Airspeed at sea level 8 m/s
Airspeed at 15000 m AMSL 27 m/s
Takeoff and landing on runway Fully automatic
Solar cells efficiency 21%
Ground - based Landing equipment Not required
Payload 2 kg
Storage Transport module
Service ceiling from 12000 m (39,370 ft) to 20000 m (65,600 ft)
Endurance 365 days at a latitude of 20°
MTOW 43 kg

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