ApusDuo aircraft

Capable of operating
in the stratosphere for months

  • Operable year-round between up to 30 latitudes and 3 months at sub-arctic latitudes
  • Autonomously maintains its position for months on end in any stratospheric condition
  • Generates zero emissions and operates far above weather and other aircraft


ApusDuo is a solar-powered stratospheric High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS), developed by UAVOS.

The ApusDuo stratospheric aircraft is aimed to provide a wide scope of applications, ranging, for example, from maritime surveillance and services, border patrol missions, communications, forest fire detection and monitoring, or navigation.

Operating in the stratosphere at an average altitude of 59,000 feet / 18 kilometres, the ApsDuo HAPS has a wingspan of 15 m (49.2 ft) and a MTOW of 95 lb (43 kg), and flies above weather (clouds, jet streams) and above regular air traffic.


Our innovative autopilot solution controls the flexible wing by analyzing the extended aspect ratio of the wing’s deformation and adjusting the lift punctually.

This type of control allows for an equal distribution of the structural load all over the wing and reduces the weight by effectively controlling the aircraft in all flight modes.


Parameter Data
Max. Payload 2 kg (4.5 lb)
MTOW 43 kg (95 lb)
Endurance year-round between up to 30 latitudes and 3 months at sub-arctic latitudes
Airspeed at sea level 8 m/s (26 ft/s)
Airspeed at altitude 15,000 m 27 m/s (88.5 ft/s)
Service ceiling 59,000 ft/ 18 km


Parameter Data
Wingspan 15 m (49 ft)
Operating temperature -65 °C...+55 °C  (-85 °F to +131°F)
Takeoff and landing on runway a fully automated mode
Solar cells efficiency 21%
Base paved runway
Ground support equipment not required
Storage transport module

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