Fixed-wing unmanned aircraft


The BOREY is a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft with full automatic takeoff, landing and mission modes. Pre-flight preparation and UAV assembly are accomplished in 10 minutes.

The BOREY is sturdy, built with a very few number of parts in order to avoid failures and shows exceptional flight characteristics. Its 4 power packages 6S 16Аh Li-ion battery (common capacity 64Ah) gives the Borey unmatched endurance even in harsh weather.

All the operator has to do after he easily installed the vertical stabilizer and the plug-and-play connectors is upload the flight mission specs.

Diagnostics, flight mission planning and remote control can be performed through the wireless network connection.
Proprietary Autopilot.


  • Mapping
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • NDVI index agroculture
  • Payload (max. 2 kg) delivery
  • Radio link relay
  • Target designation


Parameters Data
Temperature range -20°C…+50°C
Base Takeoff and landing area 50m*50m
Control modes
  • Main
  • Assisted
  • Emergency situations

  • Fully automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Emergency
Takeoff and landing Fully automatic
Takeoff Rubber rope or catapult
Landing Parachute
Recovery system Not needed


Parameters Data
Cruising speed 16 m/sec
Maximum speed 30 m/sec
Wingspan 3570 mm
Length 760 mm
Height 259 mm
Engine type Electric 2000W
Max. payload 2 kg
MTOW 15 kg
Max. climbing capacity 11 m/s
Max. wind speed at taking off and landing 10 m/s
Max range of operation 250 km
Practical ceiling 3500 m
Optimal distance to ground for observation 600 m
Endurance 4 hours
Parachute pull – out
Onboard power supply 24V


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