20' container


The GCS.A is installed into a modified 20-foot container, enhanced with a generator section.

The GCS.A unmanned systems command center provides everything required for operators to undertake missions in complete comfort and safety, including climate control, redundant power and communications.

State-of-the-art features and amenities include:

  • Autonomous operating time up to 48 hours
  • Housing for the communication and control equipment
  • Three workplaces for the pilots and the payload operators
  • Directional antenna for telemetry and communication
  • Directional antenna for video and data links
  • Support Equipment for the unmanned aerial system (transport module)


-40°F to +131°F (-40°C to +55°C)

Length 295 in (7500 mm), width 98 in (2492 mm), height 102 in (2585 mm)

truck tractor

15 kW

48 h


The GCS.A is divided into technical sections:

  • Control compartment (operator);
  • Service and supply compartment;
  • Generator compartment.

Design options

Customization is possible upon request.

Control compartment (operator)

Equipped with two Automated Workstations (AWS). The first is the workplace for the operator of the UAV, the second – for the operator of the payload.

Each AWS is equipped with a control panel, three monitors (two main and one auxiliary) connected to a separate computer. The panel can be customized/adapted for a tactical or operational radio station, intercom and other equipment.

A central console controls the air conditioning and is equipped with 220V connectors, 5V USB ports and speakers.

The repair and technical compartment:

— shelves and workbenches can be adjusted in height
— a water closet equipped with a 17 gallon (65 liters) water tank, a faucet and a bio-toilet bowl)
— an air conditioning system

The control compartment:

— ground station control panel
— power supply cabinet with PC
— continuous power supply
— a heater, recuperator, an internal air-conditioning module, a minibar with kettle and a coffee machine, a mini-fridge, a filing cabinet make for a comfortable stay in the compartment even over long periods of time

The generator compartment is equipped with:

— a 15 kW power generator,
— external air conditioning modules,
— a telescopic pneumatic mast,
— an AC/DC transformer,
— a power generator control cabinet,
— batteries for continuous operation of the 27 V electric power supply.