The anti-drone trap throws a trap on a collision course, exposing an object to an insurmountable obstacle. This technology allows not to get oneself into the engagement range during maneuvering, and gives enough time to choose a safe place for the fall of an immobilized drone.

The remote interception system for small sized unmanned vehicles is designed to counter high- speed drones at speeds of up to 74.5 mi/h (120 km/h).

The anti-drone trap is made in a form of a metal conical tube in which the UHMW PE net is hidden. A pyro cartridge which is located at the end of the tube fires a "web". The system is to be installed on the UAV in a backward direction. The drone interceptor has to be 49-66 feet (15-20 meters) ahead of the target and 15 meters above it, and then make a shot.

Parameter Value
Weight up to 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)
Dimensions (diameter, length) 4.84x6.73 in (123x171 mm)
Net size 13.1 ft (4x4 m)
Mesh size 0.98 ft (0.3x0.3 m)
Net firing distance up to 49.2 ft (15 m)

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