For Capturing And Retrieving Small Drones

Firing a net at a drone stops the drone by prohibiting the rotor blades.


The drone-capture net system for small drones is designed to capture and retrieve the UAV to the point of destination. The capture is executed with a 6,000 x 6,000 mm net shot towards the drone from the UAV carrier.


Nabbing a drone out of the sky offers a few advantages over attempting to jam it or blowing it up:

  • You avoid bringing laser-riddled drones crashing down on urban crowds.
  • You don’t foul up cellular communications networks.
  • You get more out of forensic analysis, which can show who launched the drone and from where.


The drone-capture net system is ideal for securing:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Military bases
  • Government buildings


Parameter Value
Minimum altitude of use 65.6 ft (20 m)
Wind strength 16.4 ft/sec (5 m/s)
Operation temperature from -4° F to +104° F (from -20° С to +40° С)
UAV carrier speed at the time of system application not more than 49.2 ft (15 m/s)
UAV carrier vertical descent speed at the time of system application not more than 6.5 ft/sec (2 m/s)
Maximum weight of an intercepted UAV 11 lb (5 kg)

 The perfect operation of the drone-capture system is not guaranteed in rainy conditions and relative humidity of over 80%.


Parameter Value
Weight 1.68 lb (765 g)
Body dimensions (width, height) 5.2 in x 6.75 in (132.4 mm x 171.5 mm)
Net size 19.7 ft x 19.7 ft (6 m x 6 m)
Mesh size 0.65 ft x 0.65 ft (0.2 m x 0.2 m)
Net firing distance up to 49.2 ft (15 m)
Parameters of the pyrocartridge
Actuating current not less than 500 mA
Actuating voltage not less than 5 V


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