Two-bladed Main Rotor

to be installed on helicopters with up to
50 kg take-off mass and rotor diameter
of 2600 mm (102.36")


The one-step blade molding technology using polymer composite materials and an improved aerodynamic shape affected dramatically the entire flight performance of the machine.

UAVOS’ solution uses a technology consisting of hot forming a composite ‘prepreg’ material, which involves the manufacture of a blade airfoil in a single step molding. This method eliminates the delamination of the lower and upper planes, since there is no glue seam. In addition, the design allows for the warping and narrowing of the blade, thus by increasing strength and rigidity while offering high aerodynamic characteristics, increasing lifespan, reducing production costs, improving the performance, and making flights more reliable in the conditions of high operating temperatures.



  • 1230 mm
  • 76-38 mm
  • 12.5-4.5 mm
  • 12.5 mm
  • 6 mm
  • Left (CCW) or right (CW)
  • 10°
  • Carbon fiber (prepreg)
  • 1300
  • 0.42 kg
  • 50 kg

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