Alpin Unmanned Helicopter

a joint project of TITRA, a Turkish
engineering company, and UAVOS


Alpin VTOL UAS has been created in accordance with the needs and requirements of the Turkish Rescue & Security industry. The Alpin UAS is a long-range, heavy-lift unmanned helicopter capable of carrying up to 160 kg with a range of up to 840 km. The converted Alpin UAS is based on the piloted Heli-Sport Italian CH7 helicopter.


Night operations and flights under severe weather conditions
All terrain capable
Primed for ease operations
Meeting operational requirements
Low life cycle costs

Remote Ground Controls network capability
Simultaneous multi-UAV operation
Customizable software and SDK
Auto-rotation landing capability and high efficiency flight control, based on TECS
Redundant autopilot system

Payload Options:


  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Autonomous cargo transportation and delivery
  • Cargo dropping up to 160 kg (353 lbs) at specified location
  • Radio relay
  • Agricultural operations using spraying equipment
  • Flying R&D laboratory (meteorology, hydrology, earth monitoring, etc.)


Parameters Data
Maximum cruising speed 160 km/h
VNE 209 km/h
MTOW 500 kg
Max. Payload (including fuel): 160 kg
Rate of Climb 5 m/s
Max. Range (cruising speed 120 km/h) 840 km
Max. Operating Altitude 5000 m
Flight time (max.) Payload - 20 kg 7 h
Flight time (max.) Payload - 120 kg 2 h


Parameters Data
Main rotor diameter 6280 mm
Airframe lenght 7050 mm
Height 2350 mm
Wheelbase 1500 mm
Empty weight 340 kg
Engine type Rotax 914 UL
Engine capacity 115 HP
Fuel tank 180 liter / 135 kg
Horizontal flight fuel consumption / h 25 liter / 18.6 kg
Max. wind speed during takeoff or landing 14 m/s
Onboard power supply 12V/24V
Altimeter Radio
Transponder with ADS‐B S
TBI (inspections, maintenance) 100 h
Overhaul 1200 h
Hovering IGE (ISA) 3500 m
Hovering OGE (ISA) 2500 m


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