UAVOS’ platform & service packages enable persistent monitoring of urban assets in difficult to access environments. This cost effective data capture ultimately gives the client a new layer of confidence when making critical, time sensitive decisions and helps to manage big budget construction projects.

A properly managed construction site will be safer, more cost-efficient, and get completed in a timely manner. Our UAS technology for land development can provide regular imagery and video detailing work progress and monitoring assets.

UAVOS offers an end to end package that makes it easy to get started. The payloads include mdMapper and mdLiDAR which are used to:

  • Create accurate 2D and 3D data, maps, and models
  • Conduct surveys before, during & after construction
  • Monitor progress more accurately
  • Inspect structures & job sites quickly, safely & accurately
  • Track volumes & stockpiles
  • Precisely map roads, canals, pipelines & other linear infrastructure in one line of flight with no ground control points
  • Improve job site surveillance & security
  • Reduce project waste

These improved metrics ultimately drive profits while increasing safety.

Our Systems

Payload Options

Custom Payloads +

UAVOS offers custom-made payloads that include thermal cameras, daylight cameras, 4K video cameras, search lights, onboard processing unit or any combination thereof. We specialize in implementing the best solution for your specific needs. Whether your field is search and rescue, environmental clean-up, inspections, forestry service or mining, we work with you to build the perfect platform.