Portable Ground Control Unit for UAV


The PGCU.3 is based on a console with controls and a docking interface for a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop computer. All main UAV and payload controls are collected on the ergonomic control panel. Console joysticks, push-buttons and switches are industrial water-proofed units. Console housing is made of aluminum alloy.

PGCU.3 can be used as a simulator. A digital modem integrated into the UAVOS system provides UAV control without using an external antenna complex. UAVOS has also developed a switching and power supply board which allows the PGCU.3 to work from various power sources, as well as to charge the docked computer.

PGCS 3 provides:

  • Real-time telemetry information from the UAV/platform
  • Payload control
  • Reception, recording, storage and playback of payload information with real time display
  • Control of flight modes and payload operation
  • Preparation and upload of the mission
  • Real-time platform health monitoring
  • Preflight and post-flight inspection
  • Registering target coordinates
  • Flight mission control
  • Flight mission protocol logging
  • Flight mission simulation



Length 656 mm, width 332 mm, height 128 mm

Not less than 2.5 hours

Console weight – 3.9kg
Getac X500 weight – 5.5kg

- Secure keyboard
- 11 function buttons, 2 rotary controls, 2 switches
- Payload joystick
- UAV joystick
- Accelerator joystick
- Battery status indicator

- Standard internal Li-Fe rechargeable battery: 10.8V, 8700mAh
- AC adapter (150W, 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz)