an advanced high power
long range broadband COFDM
communication system for UAV



pMDDLRadio is an advanced high power long range broadband COFDM communication system for UAV. Based on the new Microhard pMDDLxxxx, the board is a full-featured miniature advanced data link module designed for long range UAV applications. The system provides 3 communication functions: transmission of FULL HD video data stream, autopilot command & control data, and independent manual control commands. The board has also several useful onboard features. Available in three versions: OEM module with matching connectors; module in rugged aluminium case with military Harwin M80 data connectors and Hirose RF connectors; module in case plus 10W (25W) BDA Amplifiers for ultra long communication link (40 - 100 miles depending on the antenna types and propagation conditions).



  • 1W COFDM RF output (typical range with basic antennas is 6 miles, longer range is available using high gain antennas / RF amplifiers / tracking antennas if possible)
  • RF channels outside the standard WiFi frequency band. MIMO pMDDLxxxx versions are available for 2350, 2450, 2550 MHz bands. pDDLxxxx version available for 900, 1800 (by special order), 2450 MHz bands.
  • Dual diversity receiver / dual antenna ports in the configuration with Microhard pDDLxxxx or dual transmitter and receiver / dual antenna ports in the configuration with Microhard 2x2 MIMO pMDDLxxxx.
  • Software selectable output power from 7 dBm to 30 dBm with 1 dBm step
  • Sophisticated bandwidth modes for 25+ Mbps throughput.
  • Supported external RF amplifiers (external Tx/Rx line control or RF amps with automatic direction detection).
  • Control of rotation of the directional antenna.
  • Dual ethernet ports — could be used as Ethernet bridge or as separate LAN segments.
  • 1 x transparent serial TTL port with up to 115200 baud rate, Pixhawk compatible pinout. 5V@0.5 A output is available on the serial port connectors.
  • Serial data prioritization over video data (with higher sensitivity for serial data due to additional modulation codes)
  • STM32H743/53 onboard system controller with 4Mbit MRAM.
  • Available interfaces to connect to autopilot and ground station: 2 x CAN, RS422, RS485/RS232, 1Wire, USB2.0.
  • Available GPIO: 8 x GPIO through transceiver, 4 x GPIO through level shifter, 1 x differential analog.
  • Can be connected to external IMU rigid-flex board (using SPI interface).
  • MicroSD for recording data is supported.

Mechanical features

  • Robust secure latching compact connectors Molex
  • Dimensions: 90x65x20mm (40x50x12mm without enclosure)
  • Weight: 50 grams (23 without enclosure)
  • Operating temperature from -40 °C to +50 °C).

Power Requirements

  • Wide range of input voltage for efficient buck-boost operation (7-58V input with full output power, 5 - 7V with limited output power, 58 - 80 V - full power in five seconds, 80 - 100 V surge protect)
  • Controlled auxiliary power output 12V@2A in normal mode or up to 12V@3A (input voltage limitations). Electronic current limitation (eFUSE). Suitable for power cameras / gimbals etc. with wide range of battery voltage.
  • Control of input voltage.
  • PoE is supported.


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