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UAVOS’s Solar-Powered SAT-i Aircraft Completed Ten Hour Continuous Aerial Surveying

UAVOS Inc., a Mountain View-based company specialized in unmanned solutions, has completed flight tests of the solar powered unmanned SAT-i aircraft, designed to perform monitoring and aerial photography during daylight hours. The new unmanned aircraft has demonstrated high performance, successfully completing a non-stop 10-hour mission for aerial photography of the surface landscape with a payload of a 600-gram mirrorless camera.

SAT-i has a fixed wing with a wingspan of 7.3 meters. The weight of the aircraft is 6.2 kg. The UAV is equipped with a Li-Ion battery that allows flying without solar energy for 2 (optionally 4) hours with payload up to 600 grams. The aircraft is hand-launched, the flight and landing are performed in fully autonomous mode. For UAV landing a flat level surface of 200 m long is suitable, with a touchdown accuracy of about 100 m. The landing trajectory calculations are carried out in an automatic mode taking into account the current weather conditions. Low landing speed of 7 m/s allows to keep the aircraft intact after numerous landings.

12 July 2018



UAVOS Inc., a Mountain View-based company specialized in unmanned solutions, has created a qualitatively new main rotor blade to be installed on helicopters with 77 lbs (35 kg) take-off mass and rotor diameter of 102,36" (2600 mm). New product development and production were carried out by UAVOS rotor blade specialists in its production facilities. The one-step blade molding technology using polymer composite materials and an improved aerodynamic shape affected dramatically the entire flight performance of the machine.

Usually, when mass produced, the main rotor blade is made by gluing together the lower and upper surfaces. UAVOS’ innovative solution uses a technology consisting of hot forming a composite ‘prepreg’ material, which involves the manufacture of a blade airfoil in a single step molding. This method eliminates the delamination of the lower and upper planes, since there is no glue seam. In addition, the design allows for the warping and narrowing of the blade, thus by increasing strength and rigidity while offering high aerodynamic characteristics, . increasing lifespan, reducing production costs, improving the performance, and making flights more reliable in warm climates.

30 May 2018


UAVOS Inc, a Mountain View-based company specialized in unmanned solutions, is introducing a new solution – a control system for aircraft with a flexible wing for high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite). New flight control principles will allow to shift the geographic area of "solar" aircraft flights to more northern latitudes.

HAPS will provide unique opportunities for using this solution in both civilian and defense areas, and for security tasks. UAVs powered by solar energy can serve for long continuous monitoring of the area of interest on the Earth's surface to get real-time information. To meet the demands of telecommunication companies, HAPS can create a network of autonomous repeaters of radio and high speed data signals over practically any territory, including the Northern regions during the summer, where the use of regular aircraft is highly problematic due to economic reasons, and weather conditions.

1 May 2018


UAVOS Inc, the Mountain View, Ca.-based company specialised in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and autopilot systems with the world’s largest private leasing company, JetLease, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide a range of finance and leasing options for the innovative optionally manned fixed wing aircraft Albatross-2.2. The purpose of modernized aircraft is to carry out commercial works on multispectral and radar monitoring of ground objects and marine areas, for cargo transportation.

The project aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of the safe integration of heavy Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the global airspace. According to Vadim Tarasov, Investor and Board Member of UAVOS Inc: "The rules for the operation of heavy UAS are still under development in most countries, including the US. One of the main limitations is due to the lack of data on the reliability of components and performance characteristics of this class of UAS. We believe that the experience of operating optionally manned aircraft, as well as the obtained technical data, will contribute to the formation of national legal standards for the certification of heavy UAS."

30 April 2018



UAVOS INC. has developed and manufactured a new Gyro-stabilized two-axis gimbal with integrated 30x Optical Zoom Full HD (1080/ 60p) Block Camera, Thermal LWIR 1024x768 cameras, Laser rangefinder 2500 m and GPU (graphics processing unit). The optoelectronic onboard unit is designed to perform complex missions and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including prospecting, surveillance, and mapping. The weight of the gyrostabilized suspension is 7.7lbs (3.5kg).

The built-in Gimbal GPU simultaneously processes two direct (uncompressed) video data streams from the thermal and daytime cameras, performs algorithms for object recognition and tracking. The processor conducts all video processing directly in Gimbal, namely compresses large amounts of information and transmits a compressed stream via the Ethernet 100 Base-tx channel to the outside on-board modem.

14 April 2018

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