Rugged and Durable Rotating Type Servo
for Professional Intensive Applications


  • Conversion of manned aircraft into UAV
  • Equipping of manned aircraft with automatic piloting system (APS)
  • Power movement of UAV control surfaces and elements
  • Other types of unmanned vehicles

Main feedback data from servo-drive

  • Actual position, actual velocity
  • Bus voltage, active motor current
  • Power stage & BLDC motor temperature
  • Humidity control inside the case

Operational data*

Parameter Value
Rated voltage 24 VDC
Absolute supply voltage range (min. – max.)1 9 – 75 VDC
Recommended power supply voltage range 12 VDC – 40 VDC
Standby Current at rated voltage 0.12 A
Rated Current at rated voltage 2.277 A
Peak Current at rated voltage 3.12 A
Rated Continuous Torque at rated speed 4.3 Nm
Intermittent torque 5.3 Nm
Peak Torque at rated voltage 6 Nm
Rated Speed at rated torque 278 °/s
Default Travel Angle No Default Travel Angle
Max. Travel Angle ≤ 360°
Backlash (mechanical) ≤ 0.6°
Position Error under Temperature ≤ 0.1°
Operating Temperature Range -40°C … +85°C (-40°F … +185°F)
Storage Temperature Range -40°C … +90°C (-40°F … +194°F)
Weight (including match connector) 480 g (16.9 oz) ±10%
IP Ratings (Ingress Protection) IP65
Size 140 mm x 89 mm x 36 mm
Control interface RS485 (ICD); CANopen; EtherCAT; CAN (proprietary)

* Data is related to SD-02B-24-15D modification


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